About Us
Vinik Imports LLC sells to retailers, salons, distributors and wholesalers. Due to its worldwide reach and the Indian factory locations, the company has the ability to provide the highest quality hair extensions at very competitive prices. The global reach also enables Vinik Imports LLC to better monitor market trends and make available the latest styles and colors for its customers.

Vinik Imports LLC products range from Indian natural human hair to ready-to-use finished fine washed colored hair with clips. The company's straight, wavy and curly hair products are manufactured in a wide range of hair lengths to meet the customer's needs. Vinik Imports LLC also carries accessories such as Keratin glue and loose clips for salon or retail application.

Vinik Imports LLC is committed to ensure that the process of collection and manufacturing are of the highest standards. These processes ascertain long-lasting, reusable, and beautiful hair that, with proper care, will not tangle, puff, or matt. Because the company's focus is on customer satisfaction, each batch of product is checked before being delivered to its final destination. The company philosophy is to build lasting relationships with its clients, thus making customer satisfaction of the utmost importance.
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